Submitted paper will be reviewed at least by two referees and will be published in Conference Proceeding.


Prof. Dr. Akrajas Ali Umar
Institute of Microengineering and Nanoelectronics
National University of Malaysia (UKM)
Dr.-Ing. Lazuardi Umar
Department of Physics, FMIPA
Universitas Riau (UR), Pekanbaru
Dr. Eng. Kuwat Triyana
Department of Physics, FMIPA
Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), Yogyakarta


Authors are requested to submit extended abstracts and full papers in Microsoft Word (97-2003 or 2007) according to the following instructions to by the given deadline. Each extended abstract must be one page in length and written in strict accordance with format requirements. A template of the correct EXTENDED ABSTRACT is available. After you are notified of your abstract acceptance, please prepare your full papers. Each FULL PAPER must be 5 pages in length and written in strict accordance with the camera ready format.

Scopes that are covered in the Seminar include but not limited to the following:

Topic 1: Measurement Systems and Sensor Technology
[1] Measurement Theory and Its Application
[2] Noise and Vibration Measurement
[3] Data Acquisition System and Technique
[4] Scientific Instrument
[5] Biological, Chemical Sensors, Mechanical, Optical, and Other Physical Sensors
[6] Wireless Sensor and Sensor Network
[7] Signal Processing Theory and Method
[8] Biosensors
[9] Lab-on-chip
[10] Computed Tomography
[11] Bio-impedance and Bioelectric Sources
[12] Optics in environment and pollution monitoring
[13] Environmental technology
[14] Artificial Intelligence
[15] Control System Modeling and Simulation
[16] Fault Tolerant Control
[17] Intelligent Systems Instrumentation

Topic 2: Electronic Materials and Devices
[1] Electronic Materials for Bio
[2] Molecular Electronics and OLEDs: Devices, Materials and Sensors
[3] Organic Thin Film and Crystalline Transistors
[4] Nano-materials and Nano-composites; Synthesis and Fabrication
[5] Carbon Nanotubes: Growth, Processing, Characterization and Devices
[6] Nanowires: Growth, Processing, Characterization and Devices
[7] Low-dimensional Structures: Quantum Dots
[8] Nanoscale Characterization
[9] Materials for Memory and Computation
[10] Compound Semiconductor Growth on Si Substrates and Si-based Heterojunctions
[11] Dielectrics for Metal Oxide Semiconductor Technologies
[12] Semiconductor: Oxidation, Passivation and Etching
[13] Sol-gel technology
[14] Materials characterization and computational materials science
[15] Carbon Materials
[16] Material and Synthesis: General

Topic 3: Renewable Energys
[1] Photovoltaics: Organic and Hybrid
[2] Solar Cell Materials and Devices
[3] Development and Utilization of Wind Energy
[4] Storage Technology
[5] Energy-saving Technology
[6] Energy Materials
[7] Thermoelectric